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Caring for a pet isn’t always all cuddles, whiskers, and wet noses. Sometimes, it’s not as straightforward as you might like it to be. When you have a question about your pet’s care, behavior, or health, but don’t need to visit a veterinarian for an in-person appointment, it’s always best to get an answer from a veterinary expert. Video VetChat’s teletriage & teleadvice service provides the perfect, convenient answer to all your pet-related questions. Ask a vet today!

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Meet Dr. Liuba Adar

A California native, Liuba grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the age of two, she dreamed of having a cat. At 5, she finally got her wish with her first Maine Coon kitten and fell in love.

Growing up, Liuba was always bringing home stray cats to foster and adopt out. At one point, she even wanted to be a farmer and was accepted into the top agricultural school, the University of California at Davis. In college, Liuba changed her focus from farming to treating animals. The one thing holding her back from pursuing a career as a veterinarian was her fear of blood. After shadowing a veterinarian, Liuba got over this fear and decided to pursue her dream of saving animals.

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I had absolutely the best experience with Video VetChat this evening for my akita/lab mix's skin allergies. She set us up with shampoo and ear drop recommendations. I am super happy with my experience. I would DEFINITELY use this service again!!

Robin B.

Wonderful customer service! So helpful. I got every question answered quickly and with practical advice that I could start using right away!

Jasmin V.

I'm so happy that I came across Dr. Adar! My dog Rover started vomiting, acting strange and not wanting to eat. I was so worried! I chatted with Dr. Adar and she immediately told me to take him to Emergency. I took him right away and he ended up having a bone in his intestines and needed surgery. I'm so glad I was able to connect with Dr. Adar so fast!

Qi Wen Liu

So glad I came across Video VetChat online! Dr. Adar was such a breath of fresh air. She was able to put my mind at ease. I made an appointment the next day. I'm so glad I talked to Dr. Adar first otherwise I may have taken my cat to Emergency which would have been completely unnecessary.

Jennifer L

Video Vet Chat is a great supplement to clinic appointments. I have a hectic work schedule and it's very difficult for me to take Mikey (my dog) in for an appointment. Dr. Adar was able to give me practical advice on what to do for Mikey's itching. Will definitely use her again!

Deborah H.

Dr. Adar is awesome! I was very worried about my poor cat (Misty). She had been scratching herself until she started bleeding. Dr. Adar was able to quickly explain the possible causes of itching, recommend a good flea prevention and give a few practical tips of how to make her more comfortable. So happy that I came across Video VetChat.

Dyanna L.

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With virtual vet care, our online veterinarian can respond quickly and bring the ease and convenience of assessing your pet’s condition in the comfort of your home.

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