Meet the Vet

Dr. Liuba Adar

A California native, Liuba grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the age of two, she dreamed of having a cat. At 5, she finally got her wish with her first Maine Coon kitten and fell in love.

Growing up, Liuba was always bringing home stray cats to foster and adopt out. At one point, she even wanted to be a farmer and was accepted into the top agricultural school, the University of California at Davis. In college, Liuba changed her focus from farming to treating animals. The one thing holding her back from pursuing a career as a veterinarian was her fear of blood. After shadowing a veterinarian, Liuba got over this fear and decided to pursue her dream of saving animals.

In addition to her love for animals, Liuba enjoys international travel. A sense of adventure and desire to travel led her to attend veterinary school at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. There she embarked on a new journey of exploring different cultures while learning how to care for and treat animals. After finishing veterinary school, she returned to sunny California and now lives in Alameda with her beautiful dog Moshe. They often enjoy walks on the beach and playing chase. In her free time, Liuba enjoys dancing, running, and hiking.

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