Telehealth After-Hours Triage Services

Video Vet Chat can provide after-hours triage services and advice to your pet parents. If your veterinary practice needs some after-hours help in the evenings and on weekends, Video Vet Chat is here to help fill the gap! There are a few ways you can contact us today to learn how telehealth after-hours triage services are the right choice for you!

Telehealth After-Hours Triage Services

How After-Hours Triage Services Work

Refer your patients to us for after-hours triage services. When something goes wrong with an animal’s health or they suffer an injury, pet parents often can’t tell whether it’s an emergency situation that warrants a trip to the vet’s office. 

In cases where the pet’s condition is not urgent, we will refer the pet parent back to you during your regular office hours for diagnostics and treatment. This allows for your client’s peace of mind and provides you with a client who already knows a few possibilities regarding their pet’s condition! Our goal in after-hours triage service is to save the pet parent time & money, help them understand the importance of treatment for their pet, and ensure that non-emergency cases are retained by you – the primary veterinarian!

Your patients can connect with us via phone (925) 232-1866 or with the Doxy app. They will be put in touch with a compassionate DVM who can talk them through a problem, assess their pet’s health and provide further guidance. 

We then direct your patients to follow-up appointments in your office if needed for diagnostics and further treatment.

Benefits of Telehealth After-Hours Triage Services

Improved Quality of Life for Vets

At Video Vet Chat, we understand the number one thing that practicing veterinarians never have enough of: Time. Being on-call for emergencies or working after hours are major quality of life issues for vets. Let us help you do the heavy lifting by partnering with your clinic, as your after-hours on-call veterinarian!

Improved Patient Services

Pets often suffer ailments after-hours and that causes their owners stress and worry. More than 80 percent of after-hour calls are not emergencies, but the owners don't realize this. By having our on-call veterinarian there to triage your clients' pets, it adds credibility to your practice. Your clients appreciate that you've provided them after-hours professional help, by partnering with Video Vet Chat.

Mutually Beneficial

You refer your patients to us after hours. We refer them back to you for follow-up services. Pet owners can become frustrated with a clinic that does not provide after-hours services -- and they will go find another clinic that they believe "takes better care of them."
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Telehealth After-Hours Triage Services

How TeleAdvice & TeleTriage Can Increase Revenue and Keep Your Clients Happy

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