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Get a Veterinarian’s Professional Opinion,
When You Need It Most.

With a quick Video VetChat appointment, our veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s situation. We’ll discuss your pet’s medical history and current clinical signs with you, in addition to observing your pet via Anipanion’s video chat function. Our veterinarian will then make a recommendation and/or referral for your pet’s immediate care.

If it’s determined your pet requires emergency care, we’ll provide you with instructions how to safely transport your pet to a recommended animal hospital. If your pet’s care can wait, we’ll provide you with advice to keep your pet safe and comfortable until his or her sick pet veterinary appointment.

How Does it Work?

With virtual care, we can respond quickly and bring the ease and convenience of assessing your pet’s condition in the comfort of
your home.

Best when you need fast vet advice in an emergency. 

  1. Fill out your contact information.
  2. Pre-authorize payment for your session by filling in your credit/debit card details.
  3. You will then be connected to your online veterinary consultation.
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Download the Anipanion app and select Video VetChat as your provider.

When you have a concern, start a live chat through the app or book a virtual visit with Dr. Adar.

During a chat, you have the ability to send photos or videos of your pet’s condition. A virtual visit is simply a video call that allows Dr. Adar to assess the issue in real-time.

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Enabling access to virtual vet care for all pets.




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Audio Only Calls: 15 Min Call




Virtual Visit: 15 Min Video Call