Caring for a pet isn’t always all cuddles, whiskers, and wet noses. Sometimes, it’s not as straightforward as you might like it to be. When you have a question about your pet’s care, behavior, or health, but don’t need to visit a veterinarian for an in-person appointment, it’s always best to get an answer from a veterinary expert. Video VetChat’s teleadvice service provides the perfect, convenient answer to all your pet-related questions.

What Is TeleAdvice?

Teleadvice is a service provided by veterinarians via electronic means, such as video chat. Teleadvice gives us the ability to answer pet owners’ questions and provide them with advice, wellness recommendations, and information on responsible pet care without clients having to bring their pets into the clinic for an in-person appointment.

How Can Video Vetchat’s Teleadvice Help You?

Our veterinarian can provide you with advice and recommendations regarding your pet’s wellness and preventative care. We’ll also help you select an appropriate parasite preventative and provide you with information regarding your pet’s schedule of core and non-core vaccines.

Selecting the perfect food, treats, and nutritional supplements for your pet can be tricky given the number of formulations, brands, manufacturers, and varieties available on the market. We’ll help you choose the best diet for your cat or dog based on your pet’s breed, age, health condition, and needs.

An important part of responsible pet ownership is providing your pet with training. We’ll give you advice on housebreaking and socializing your pet, using positive reinforcement for obedience training. We can also help you identify when behavior issues might indicate a more serious health problem.

Having a sick or injured pet is a highly stressful situation when you’ll want a veterinarian’s expert advice right away. We can help you manage the situation and assess whether your pet requires emergency care.

Expert Veterinary Advice, Anytime You Need It.

When you have a question about your pet, don’t rely on unverified online advice. Schedule a Video VetChat teleadvice appointment with a veterinarian you can trust. With Video VetChat, finding reliable answers to your pet-related questions is easy. Request a consult or schedule a virtual vet appointment today.