How to Protect Your Pet From Getting Lost

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In this video, Dr. Adar of Video VetChat discusses why it’s important to tag, collar, and microchip your pet.

Importance of Collars & Tags

Whether your pet is predominately indoors or outdoors, it’s important to make sure they have a collar and ID tag with your phone number & name so that someone can return them to you if they do escape. For some small animals, a bell may also make them easier to find at times.

Microchipping Your Pets

Another key step you can take to make sure your pet is returned to you should they ever get lost is having them microchipped. Microchips are small devices that are inserted directly between your pet’s shoulder blades just underneath the skin. They can be scanned at any veterinary hospital or shelter if your pet escapes to obtain your contact information and return your pet to you.

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